NFT games hit the news this year. NFT or also called Non-Fungible Tokens has become a necessity, especially for a crypto enthusiast. 

The technology has developed in 2017 and has become the first video game with blockchain power. Although the project is on and off, none can crack the mainstream gamers. The following is brief information about it. 

Understanding NFT Games

NFT is a digital representation of crypto assets. In the real world, the objects can be various. It includes house deeds, works of art, bills, etc. 

Those assets are not necessarily to have a tangible representation. It comes in the form of the avatar or virtual land of video games. We can give away, donate, or sell those things. 

From top NFT games, we can learn that none are similar to each other. It has unique and special qualities. It is also authentic and exclusive that digital tokens have functioned to be collector items. 

NFT works based on collaboration and relies on blockchain technology. It helps to validate transactions. This game is decentralized, and players get a share once the game winnings. 

Each has its financial ecosystem, including the transaction. This game has video game elements and can be converted with real money. 

The Characteristics of NFT

We have to know that NFT is not exclusive only to the blockchain gaming industry. It can represent both digital and real-world assets as mentioned earlier. To get further understanding, let us find out what are the three different characteristics of NFT. 

  • Non-fungibility

Non-fungible also means something unique. In NFT games, it shows the uniqueness of cryptographic tokens. Thus, it is not the same and interchangeable with others. 

The metadata or the record of the token is permanent. It has a similar function as the certificate of authenticity. Moreover, it records the ownership history and its transaction. 

  • Rarity

One of the crucial components in NFT games android is scarcity. This one makes it pleasing and popular. In the game example, the users can collect game characters in a designated NFT.

Collecting the characters helps to increase the asking price. It supports the value of provable scarcity. We can find other game examples that are worth cryptocurrencies. 

  • Indivisibility

We can divide cryptocurrencies into smaller units. Through this, we can give its fungibility and expected use to be an exchange medium. 

However, most NFT is sold and bought as a complete unit. Besides, it is held in a total unit and makes it indivisible. We can not purchase 10% or 60 % of a plane ticket as we do in the real world. 

“From top NFT games,

we can learn that none are similar to each other”

Benefits of NFTs

We may find that many users apply Ethereum for the token standard. Yet, others are also accepted in the NFT games list. Let us look at the benefits in the following discussion. 

  • Ownership

In the traditional in-game, the purchasing only occurs one time. Besides, it is also not a transferable investment game. 

The environment in NFT games grants ownership to players. They can have the in-game assets and not become the game developers. Blockchain technology helps gamers to save the in-game purchases or sell them to others. 

  • Interoperability

NFT is not similar to traditional online games that exist. It has centralized servers. 

Meanwhile, the in-game assets offer proprietary systems. It does not allow us to communicate with other players. Additionally, it has decentralized games that exist. 

Through this, the independent blockchains can act to be the backend framework. The game assets are interoperable in different environments. 

Take, for example, there are two games built with the Ethereum network in NFT games android. Both have feasible support with the same in-game assets. They can have armor, vehicles, or even all characters. 

  • Immutability

Aside from the above benefits, there is another goodness in this game. One of them is immutability that makes it different from traditional online games.

If we shut down the traditional online games, we may lose all in-game things that we purchase from there. Meanwhile, NFT performs differently and exists in a specific gaming platform. It lives on the blockchain and will not lose it easily. 

It allows us to buy or sell our in-game assets. Regardless of what happens, we can plug into the new games with the existing blockchain protocol. 

NFT games make us learn that the game assets here are not duplicated. It is stored as a permanent record. 

The Future in Gaming Industry

From the above discussion, we learn more about the positive things of NFT in the gaming industry. The adoption of this game shares more advantages in the gaming world. However, it also has significant obstacles that have to be overcome. 

There is the most notable obstacle, that is created more appealing. The game should be more attractive to grab more consumers. Moreover, it should be more intuitive, especially for mainstream consumers who have no technical orientation. 

NFT has intrinsic value as well. It has risks used mainly for speculative assets. So, it can motivate players to gain more in-game assets. They expect to sell it in the future and get more profit. 

This game, including the NFT games list, shares advantages mainly on giving more profits. Users do not merely use the assets for other gaming ecosystems. 

After the brief explanation, we know about the challenges for NFT. It can be as challenging as gaining profit. NFT is able to make the gaming industry more developed. 

The presence of NFT helps to motivate more non-blockchain-focused brands. It allows them to do experiments with NFT. 

There is another thing that we have to note from this game. The demand helps the game grow at ease. More and more users play this game. 

It allows the developers to form a partnership with third-party. They can expand the blockchain projects that have more technical expertise. It can bring the vision to make the game more real. 

From the online news, we know about the game’s success. The apps have also become popular to catalyze the game. Thus, NFT games lead in gaining innovative solutions through unlocking the mainstream adoption.