When creating a fanart design, it is fundamental to keep it original. Originality is indeed the most pivotal matter in the world of art. The best-looking form of art that turns out to be a copy of other works will not be the best anymore. With the digitalization of the art world, it gets a bit trickier to maintain originality. Nevertheless, it remains a thing to keep in mind of anyone who works in this field of work. It is a must for anyone to know all things to keep an original idea of fanart.

Understand the Concept of a Fanart

Making a fanart is not a thing that anyone can do, without a doubt. It is more than about the skills necessary to create a form of art creation. It includes the fundamental understanding of fanart itself. Thus, it is a must to know all about it before making one. In short, this kind of thing is a piece of art from a fan using a popular idea or concept. For example, an alternate movie poster of Star Wars can be a form of this art. It is as simple as that.

Nevertheless, the rather complicated matter about fanart design is the things to do with it. Because it incorporates a popular concept that already exists, it is not supposed to be for sale. So, the matter not to do with a fanart is to make money from it. It is the part that many people need to understand before getting creative with their drawing. It is okay for anyone to draw a unique interpretation of Captain America. As long as it is not for sale, there will be no problems with it.

So, before doing anything to create a beautiful fanart design, keep that thing in mind. The creation of this art drawing is merely for personal satisfaction. It is okay to post it on Instagram to get as many likes as possible. Moreover, it is the right way to earn exposure to the skills that someone has. Offering the same skills that result in the fanart is okay. At some points, the uniqueness and originality of a fanart are there in the final form. It is not about the basic idea or concept of the design.

Pick the Right Medium to Draw the Art

Believe it or not, a fanart design has limitless possibilities. One of the things that affect that matter is the choice of medium of the creator. It means that a creator will produce a completely different drawing by using two mediums. The decision to choose one of the available tools for the creation will determine the identity of the art. Therefore, it is best to decide on this matter as early as possible. Some people find it comfortable to use colored pencils, for example.

Nevertheless, it is okay to learn how to use other tools in creating an original fanart. It comes in handy at some points in the future. Relying on just one set of mediums may not be enough to survive the competition.

Define the Style in Drawing

The originality of a fanart design comes from the drawing style of the creator as well. Therefore, it is a thing to do to develop a unique style. This particular thing will differentiate a work of a person from others. The creator does it well when others see the work and recognize it already. It is considered the purpose of this form of art creation. Of course, it takes time to build and develop a unique drawing style. Nevertheless, it is a thing that a fanart creator must do.

There is no need to hesitate about using the works of others as references at first. All in all, the work of creativity requires a set of inspirations and ideas. Some of the best creators of fanart design admit that they look at the works of many others. It can be the starting point to think out of the box. As a result, there will be an original idea of that art creator. Once the style is there, it is best to practice and master it. The results will speak of it afterward.

Set no Limits

Some people consider certain limits when doing it. Unfortunately, that is not a good thing to do at all. Making a limit will eventually limit the possibility of producing the original artworks. After all, a fanart design is a freedom of expression of the artist. For example, the figure of Captain America can look different from the original version in Marvel Comics. It is okay to do that without thinking about any limitations of the character itself.

An original fanart design requires only the fundamental aspects of the idea. For example, to draw Captain America understands the features that are there. The shield, the start logo, and the color scheme can be the main features to keep in mind. Other than that, it is a blank canvas to construct Captain America from the artist’s perspective. Moreover, it minimizes the chance of ending up creating a replica of the original character in mind.

Share the Works

A modern fanart artist will find it easy to create a fan base. There are numerous platforms to share the works for others to see and enjoy. Thus, there is no need to be afraid of sharing the arts. Creating an album on Facebook to post the works is an easy thing to do. Make sure that others can share the album to allow more people to see it. It is the best way to gain recognition of the beautiful works of art right there. Without public exposure, a fanart is pretty much nothing but a creative piece of art.

In the end, the fundamental idea on this matter is to translate a concept of something to a different one. That will highlight the originality of any fanart design of any artist. With that in mind, it will not be hard to stand out among other fanart artists out there today.