Note : User need to have BNB for gas fee in order to migrate NFT and sell item to NEFTiPEDiA marketplace!

Here what you need to do to migrate your NFT so you can sell it with BUSD:

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Choose: On Sale
  3. Select NFT
  4. Cancel Sale
  5. Wait for a few minutes & refresh or reopen the application
  6. Go to Profile
  7. Choose: Gallery
  8. Select the previous NFT
  9. Choose: Sale Item

Here what you need to do to mint your NFT to NEFTiPEDiA marketplace:

  1. Go to the marketplace -> click (+) button in the right upper corner
  2. Click “Sell item”
  3. From the top page of “Upload Art” you can choose the categories of NFT you want to sell, type of NFTs. Then you can upload your asset and set the price for it. You can set the royalty for your NFTs art as well.
  4. Click “Sell item”
  5. On Confirmation page, click “Sell Item” (P.S.: make sure you have BNB in your wallet to sell your item)
  6. Your asset has got minted!

A reminder to all Neftiers to update your NEFTiPEDiA App and migrate your NFTs to BUSD.

With the latest NEFTiPEDiA update, your NFTs will automatically be sold using BUSD stable coin, so the price will be more stable when a buyer purchases your NFTs.